[How do yam beans eat nutritiously?

】 _How to eat_High nutrition

[How do yam beans eat nutritiously?
】 _How to eat_High nutrition

It is called yam bean because it has a certain relationship with yam. Yam bean also has many benefits to the human body, such as Gushen Yijing, Yixin Anshen, Bufei Yiqi and so on.

The method of yam beans can be medicated or made into desserts. Everyone can choose different methods according to their taste. The main advantage is that there are many benefits.

How to eat yam beans is the most nutritious: yam bean medicated soup recipe: 5 grams of yam, 10 grams of jade bamboo, 10 grams of Ophiopogon, 5 grams of wolfberry, 1 pigeon method: put the meat of pigeons in the pot firstFry, then add broth or boiling water; after the water is boiled, remove the meat into the soup pot, and then put the washed herbs into the pot. After cooking, pour the soup into the pot and cook for 9 minutes;Add salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence and other seasonings and you’re done.

Deep-fried yam bean snowball method: Wash the yam beans, add sugar, starch, egg white, mix thoroughly, add flour and shake into balls, and cook in a cold oil and hot pan.

Sugar Snowball: Cook yam beans or wash hawthorn first.

Add sugar to water to boil syrup and add yam beans or hawthorn. Stir-fry the yam bean hawthorn surface with sugar and roll some white sesame out of the pot and cool on a plate.

Ingredients of yam bean purple potato sugar water: yam bean, purple potato, water, sugar Method: Wash an appropriate amount of yam beans, clean purple diced; combine into a pressure cooker; add an appropriate amount of water; add white sugar, press to the materialSoft and edible.

Yam bean vegetable porridge material: previously rice, yam bean, spinach, water, salt 1. Wash the spinach, put in boiling water for 2 minutes, remove and let it cool, squeeze out moisture.

2. Wash the yam beans, wash the rice, add the rice and yam beans to the autoclave, and add an appropriate amount of water.

3. Add a little bit of edible alkali and cover the pot until the rice kernels and yam beans just mature.

4. Remove the air from the pressure cooker, add the cut spinach segments, stir it, put it in the pot and cook for a few minutes.

5. After cooking, remove the gas from the pressure cooker, add salt and other condiments (according to personal taste), and dry before serving.

What is the difference between yam beans and yam: Many people do not know much about the relationship between yam beans and yam, in fact, they are born from the same plant.

Yam beans grow on vines of yam, so it is said that yam beans are not the seeds of yam.

Yams are asexually propagated. Generally, they are planted in the top of the first year of yam. The yam can also be cut after germination.

However, this is wasteful, so generally the thinner part of the top of the yam is used for planting, and a new yam can only be planted every year.

Bulk planting is generally done by cutting and germinating.

Some friends think that yam beans are the seeds of yam, presumably because yam beans can also be used to grow yam.

However, this does not mean that yam beans are seeds.

Generally, the yam that uses yam bean seeds grows relatively small in a year, and can be kept for the next year, or harvested after another year.