[Dongshan Island snacks]_ Origin Shandong Island _ What is it

[Dongshan Island snacks]_ Origin Shandong Island _ What is it

Dongshan Island in Fujian Province is a good place for tourism. Every year during the tourism season, many guests go to play. However, everyone will naturally find snacks because they are hungry during the tour. They want to taste the local characteristics.There are certain types of local characteristics. The more common ones are abalone, dried cuttlefish, angelica duck blood noodles, and salty dumplings. These sound delicious, and not only these have many characteristics.

Dongshan abalone geographical indication product Abalone: Anciently known as “鳆”, also known as “Hail”, “Nine knot snail”, “Senecio”, “Bull’s eyebrow”, is a single-shelled mollusk, which is a kind of high-economic valueThe special aquatic product is known as the “crown of eight treasures”. It contains a lot of protein, high liver sugar content, rich nutrition, tender meat, delicious taste, fresh fragrance and refreshing. It is a treasure in cuisine, with bold eyesight,Converges muscles, lowers blood pressure, regulates kidney deficiency, and prevents cancer.

Abalone shell Chinese medicine is called “Shi Jue Ming”, which is a precious Chinese medicinal material that can cure eye diseases.

Dongshan County, a geographical indication product of Dongshan, has introduced asparagus since 1979. After several years of successful trials, it has been proven that abundant sunlight resources, high-quality sandy loam soil, and abundant labor on the Dongshan Island in Fujian facilitate the development of asparagus.

The county government determined the method for developing the asparagus industry and formulated a series of incentive measures to promote the rapid development of asparagus production throughout the county.

By 2011, the planting area of the county was 20,000 mu, with an annual total output of 2.


Dongshan asparagus has formed an industrialization pattern of “one-stop production, supply and marketing, integration of trade, industry and agriculture”.

The development of asparagus production has led to the development of related industries such as processing, transportation, and service, and has prospered Dongshan’s agriculture and rural economy.

Dried cuttlefish cuttlefish (squid) is mostly made of dried cuttlefish except for fresh food. The dried cuttlefish in Dongshan County are sold well at home and abroad.

Cuttlefish has high nutritional value and is a precious non-staple food.

Production method: 1.

Selection of materials: Cuttlefish should be sorted according to size and freshness before laparotomy, so that the dryness is uniform during the drying process, and the finished product can be packed in grades.


Cut: Hold the fish back, hold the fish belly upwards, and tighten it slightly, so that it is above the tibia, and insert the knife from the upper end of the abdominal cavity to cut or cut the adenosine tail directly.

When cutting near the gland hole, the knife handle should be lowered so that the knife edge is slightly cut upward to prevent the ink sac from being cut.

Angelica Duck Noodles Angelica Duck Noodles Angelica Duck Noodles Ingredients: 300g white noodles, 1/2 duck, 2 tablespoons black sesame oil, 6 slices of ginger (sliced), 200g wine, 1200ml soup, rock sugar 1 /2 teaspoons, angelica 3.

75 grams, wolfberry 1.

8 grams, licorice 3.

75 grams, red dates 3.

75 grams.

Angelica duck noodles making method: 1, noodles cutting section, ginger peeled and sliced, duck chopped and chopped for later use.

2. After the hot pot is heated, add black hemp slices and ginger slices, then add the duck meat and stir-fry.

3. Put the fried duck meat, wine, soup, rock sugar and medicinal materials wrapped in a cloth bag into a clay pot and simmer for about 1 hour.

Raw materials of soda ash: 600 grams of round glutinous rice, 1 tablespoon of lye.

Alkali preparation method: 1. Wash the round glutinous rice and add water to cover the rice, soak 4?
8 hours.

2. Soak the lotus root leaves in water for about 30 minutes, wash them, and drain them for later use.

3, soak the round glutinous rice for at least 4 hours, then drain the water, add alkali oil and stir until the rice grains are slightly yellow.

4. Take the loquat leaf and fold it into the shape of a triangle bag, apply some oil and add 2 again.

5 tablespoons of rice grains, wrapped in a dumpling shape and tied with cotton rope, be careful not to tie too tightly.

5, boiled under alkali?
After 5 hours, peeling the loquat leaves for inspection, the rice grains are completely fused into the yellow loquat, and then become the alkali loquat of QQ.

The specialty of Dongshan lobster in Fujian-lobster, also known as crayfish, scientific name is crayfish.

China is one of the countries with the least lobster distribution. There are only four species, C. crassicolorii, C. crassipes, Pseudomonas crassicus and C. cruciferae, and it is only distributed in the three northeastern provinces, North Korea and Japan.

Lobsters like to inhabit the hidden residues of water plants, branches, stone gaps and so on.

The shrimp emerges day and night and does not like strong light.
Under normal conditions, they are mostly hidden in deeper or hidden places in the daytime, and rarely move. After the sun sets in the evening, they start to move and gather in shallow water to crawl for food or hunt for spouses.

If frightened, quickly return to deep water.

Dongshan Asparagus Tea is a specialty of Dongshan County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province.
Dongshan Asparagus Tea has a strong scent of asparagus, and is poured into a cup of amber tea. The tea soup is pure and clear, the fragrance is overflowing, and the taste is refreshing.

It is a green and healthy drink, which is the best in tea.

Asparagus is commonly known as Shi Diaobai, and is the world’s top ten healthy vegetables.

In the original medicine book “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”, it was listed as “top quality”. Its tender stem surface is delicate, the fibers are soft, and the flavor is delicious. It can increase appetite, help digestion, and has a strong inhibitory effect on canceration of human cells., Is one of the most effective anti-cancer health foods in the world.